Lan Berambeh di Sarawak’s Bowl.. simply means Let’s Gather at Sarawak’s bowl and for you to know Sarawak is to taste its Colorful, Tasteful and Nyaman (delicious) foods; made especially for you with plenty of care and sprinkle of loves.

Try Laksa Sarawak Uncle Liew for gastronomic explosion or maybe a Classic yet tasty Mee Jawa Nyonya Tay with thick and savory gravy that you will never satisfied with just a bowl.. or maybe..just walking down the memory lane with Nasi Lemak Pak Latip that shall bring you the nostalgic feeling of sitting in a small kopitiam in Kuching enjoying a bowl of Sarawak food. Last but not least; Mee kolok, who doesn’t love mee kolok?!

Don’t forget our all time favorite cake, Kek Lapis Sarawak, colorful cake that will paint colors to ur life. Enjoy it with scoops of ice cream to completely satisfies your tastebud.

Sarawak’s Bowl welcomes you and Lan Berambeh!!!